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Hello, mysterious person who is reading this letter! Whoever you are, you apparently have great taste in ships. I appreciate this.

So, uh, I've been requesting a lot of the same things in the same fandoms in various exchanges over the past couple of years, and I'm hideously lazy about exchange letters, so I apologize in advance for how much of this I'm straight-up recycling. Sorry.

General likes and dislikes: I would like for something to happen in the fic besides introspection, but I'm not overly picky about what that something is. Some kind of actiony/adventure-y/casefic plot, fluff where they're on a date or something, smut, it's all good. (Well, for certain pairings some of these work better than others, but you know what I mean.) I would rather not have noncon or abuse, but I am fine with relationships that are kind of fucked up as long as both parties are equal contributors to the relationship's fucked-up-ness. I'm also okay with tragedy (she says, looking at the number of pairings she requested where at least one party dies in canon), but I am not averse to a fluffy fix-it fic now and again, either. I'm not big on mundane AUs (e.g. high school, coffee shop), but I'm all for canon divergence AUs or AUs where people are magical girls/space marines/noir detectives/cyberpunk hackers/whatever.

Ace Attorney - Aura Blackquill/Metis Cykes, Mia Fey/Lana Skye, Athena Cykes/Franziska von Karma

So, I guess I have a thing for tragic Ace Attorney femslash ships where one of them is dead long before you even meet the other? Thanks, Ace Attorney, thanks a lot.

But anyway, Lana and Mia! They totally had a thing in law school, so if you want to write me something about their passionate intellectual attraction and long nights of studying together, I'm totally up for it. Or something about their early careers! Did they ever have to go up against each other in court?

As for Aura and Metis, I would really love anything about their adventures in mad science and robot co-parenting.

Sadder stuff for either of these is fine, I'd just rather it not be all about one sitting around feeling depressed because the other one's dead or anything like that.

And for the lighter option, Athena/Franziska, I'd love to see them having a sort of charged professional rivalry and/or having to work together to investigate something and going from bickering to grudging respect to making out (like you do) or something along those lines. They're both very, um, driven individuals and I think they'd rub each other the wrong way at first, but they have a lot in common, really.

Dangan Ronpa - Kirigiri Kyouko/Celestia Ludenberg, Ikusaba Mukuro/Kirigiri Kyouko, Kirigiri Kyouko/Maizono Sayaka, Celestia Ludenberg/Maizono Sayaka

Most of these characters haven't interacted much in canon, aside from Kirigiri and Mukuro in IF, but they're all such strong personalities that could bounce off of each other in interesting ways. With Kirigiri and Celes, they're both, in their own ways, trying to get into other people's heads and not give away very much of themselves, so I could see their interactions being a subtle struggle to get the upper hand no matter what they're actually doing. As for Maizono, I'm interested in the way that her cheerful demeanor masks a singleminded devotion to her career such that even pre-murderschool she was apparently willing to do questionable things to get where she is, and I'd like to see how that might color her interactions with Celes and Kirigiri, who have masks/defenses of their own in very different ways (and for fluff value, Maizono forcibly dragging either of them out of their shell is always fun). As for Kirigiri/Mukuro, my shipping here is mainly IF-based—I love how, despite the fact that neither one trusts easily, Kirigiri manages to build this rapport with Mukuro while everyone else is still hostile towards her, and they work well together and respect each other's abilities and it's great, okay.

For all the Dangan Ronpa pairings, I'm fascinated with the possibilities of the two missing years, so I'd love to see a story exploring what happened during that time, whether it's an ordinary-school-days fluffy vignette or something set during the lockdown or something that explores the relationship before and after the mindwipe. Something involving regaining memories of a pre-mindwipe relationship either during the murdergame or post-canon could be interesting. (And if Mukuro is involved, there's an interesting tension in her getting attached to any other student pre-Most Despairing Event given her involvement in Junko's plans.) I am also up for everyone-escapes AUs (if you've read IF, something based on that could be cool, especially, again, if you're doing Kirigiri/Mukuro) or non-murderschool AUs if that's something you're interested in.

Fate/stay night (VN) - Matou Sakura/Rider, Tohsaka Rin/Saber

Rin and Saber are both strong-willed and they may clash sometimes, but in the end they work pretty well together, and under less stressful circumstances, maybe they could even, you know, relax and have fun together! I'd be happy with something set during canon for them, but post-UBW Good End fic would also be really fun--could be something with the two of them going off to the Clock Tower, maybe some new supernatural shenanigans crop up that they have to deal with, or maybe they just finally get to go on a normal date, whatever. (I don't especially care what you do with Shirou in this scenario, but would prefer that he not be involved too heavily.)

Sakura/Rider was weirdly sweet, given the circumstances; they really seemed to care about each other. And Sakura... really has not had a lot of people in her life who have her best interests at heart, and Rider, prior to becoming a Heroic Spirit, didn't have the best luck with that either, so it's nice that they now have each other! I would love post-canon fic for them too; they're both going to have a lot of adjusting to do after the Grail War, which could be interesting to explore, and if you're not interested in doing something too fluffy or introspective there is always the possibility of Weird Magical Shit Going Down for them too.

Persona 3 - Aigis/Female Persona 3 Protagonist Elizabeth/Female Persona 3 Protagonist Persona 3 Female Protagonist/Hasegawa Saori Kirijo Mitsuru/Takeba Yukari

I was never enthusiastic about shipping Minato with anybody, but I came out of P3P shipping Minako with everybody. She reads as friendlier and more genuinely interested in the other people, and her S-links with other girls have a lot of romantic overtones still (especially Aigis's, for which I'm convinced there's no heterosexual explanation)... but of course the game stopped short of providing actual f/f romance options, thus the desire for fic.

I don't really have specific prompts in mind, but it'd be nice to see any of them get to go on an actual date sometime over the course of the game. Or, I don't know, having a quiet moment after a battle or something. Also, the social links are so much about Minako fixing everyone else's problems that it might be nice to see things being a little less one-sided, with one of the others helping her with something/supporting her/comforting her/whatever. (I tend to see Minako as the sort who bottles things up and decides she's not allowed to have problems because everyone else is relying on her, so you could play with that, though that's just my headcanon really.) This works better for some pairings than others, though, of course--I mean, for Minako/Elizabeth I'd lean more towards wacky antics than serious emotional stuff, though if you can make the latter work, more power to you.

(On a side note, while I've been using Minako as FeMC's name largely out of habit, I don't really mind what you call her as long as it's not Hamuko, which has always struck me as too silly-sounding for use in serious contexts. It just makes me think of hamsters.)

Mitsuru/Yukari, meanwhile, is a ship I've been into since playing vanilla P3. I like that their relationship is difficult and a bit antagonistic at first, but despite their differences they manage to become friends and sources of support for one another. I don't think it would be the smoothest romantic relationship, but I do think they really care about each other. I'd enjoy fic set during canon for them too, but if you wanted to explore where they end up after canon, either in the immediate aftermath or years later, that would be cool too. I should note, though, that I haven't played P4A/Ultimax, so I don't really know what they're up to in that.
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