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Hi! Thank you for writing for me. Or just idly reading my letter, whichever. Given the number of requests allowed and the fact that stories only have to be 300 words, I'm going to try to keep things concise here, but if anything's unclear, feel free to get in touch with me via the mod or anonymous comments or whatever.

Yes: fluff, smut, action/non-romance plot, established relationships, bittersweetness, hurt/comfort, canon-divergence AUs, crossdressing

No: pregnancy or kidfic, unrelenting sadness/hopelessness, issuefic, non-canon character death, noncon, mundane AUs, crossovers

Any POV or tense is fine; my only stylistic request is that there be proper capitalization, because I find things easier to read that way.

Regarding the kidfic DNW, there are a couple characters in here who do have kids eventually, and if you want to set the fic in the period of time in which the kids exist, that's fine, I just don't want a story centered on children/parenting.

Also, I'm down with other-genre AUs, stuff where the characters are magical girls or spies or IN SPACE or whatever, but am most interested in those for canons set in the modern-day real world (so, Nana and Love Live).

Finally, I'd rather not read anything too explicit about characters who are under sixteen (so mostly this applies to Bridget/Bell and Alisa/Yukiho; in the former case I'm okay with the implication that they're having sex, I just don't want much detail).

Birdland (Twine Game)

Bridget Leaside/Bellwoods W. Park: I found their fumbling through the awkward start of a first teenage romance (between two more-awkward-than-usual teenagers, no less) very endearing, and I'd love to see them continuing to figure out how things work together after they get home from summer camp. Especially if they also have to deal with some further kind of weird shenanigans (you know, not necessarily the invading bird aliens or the killer AI again, but something along those lines) on top of that whole "how does dating" thing.

Craft Sequence - Max Gladstone

Mara Ceyla/Kai Pohala: I may be the only one who came out of Full Fathom Five shipping this, especially considering it doesn't seem to be a very shipping-oriented fandom, but I thought their small handful of scenes together were really sweet and they seem to care a lot about each other in an understated way. I'm not very good at specific prompts (you may have noticed), but, I don't know, they've been through some shit lately and maybe they can help each other recover from it? And kiss?

Teo Batan/Sam: And speaking of people who have been through some shit... anyway, Teo was my favorite in Two Serpents Rise, and Sam is also great, and I love how well they complement each other despite being very different people on the surface. So I'd really love anything that focuses more on their relationship--particularly post-Two Serpents Rise, but ultimately I'd be happy with anything.

Teo Batan & Kai Pohala: An elusive & relationship appears! I really enjoyed their interactions in Full Fathom Five, the way they have an immediate connection that's tempered by a lot of prickliness borne of their personal baggage and preconceptions (and also just... neither of them is the most personable ever), and how that grows into a sort of uneasy allyship. I'd like to see how their relationship could continue to develop, assuming they keep in touch after the events of the book.

Fire Emblem: Awakening

Tiki/Say'ri: I liked their sort of lady/knight dynamic--I mean, it's technically goddess/warrior-queen, I know, but it has that element of loyalty and protection going on, which is catnip to me. And their A-support was so cute! I would prefer the "one's immortal, one's not" angst not to be a focus, though it's fine for it to be there to the extent that it is in canon.

Kjelle/Severa: Basically every interaction they have reads like Severa going "I'm attracted to you and I'm VERY ANGRY ABOUT IT!" and I kind of read Kjelle's "oh no, now you have to teach me how to fight!" in the A-support as not just messing with Severa but also finding an excuse to keep spending time together. And then there's Harvest Scramble, which, I don't know what even needs to be said about that.

F!Robin/Tharja: In the game this is largely played as a comedy stalker thing, I know, but then I got the support where Robin gets sick and Tharja takes care of her, and I was sold. Plus I feel like a running theme with a lot of Tharja's supports is that she's really more caring and less scary than she would like people to think.

Lissa/Maribelle: Maribelle is so devoted to and protective of Lissa, which I love, and I also love Lissa sort of gently encouraging her to actually think about herself and what she wants sometimes. I'd enjoy seeing them trying to find a balance there in the context of a romantic relationship.

Sully/Sumia: They may not have one of the deepest emotional bonds in the game, but I think they could have a good time together. I liked their bonding over horses, and Sumia is definitely into the dashing androgynous knight thing Sully has going on.

Sumia/Cordelia: They're childhood friends and became Pegasus Knights together and they've clearly been supporting/looking out for each other for a long time, so that's cute, although I think their various insecurities would make it not 100% a perfect problem-free relationship either.

Love Live! School Idol Project

Sorry, this is one of the fandoms where I don't have older letters to crib from, and I'm terrible at coming up with specific prompts; really I'm happy with just any kind of school idol shenanigans, or post-canon stuff about how they handle college, or stupid AUs where they're superheroes, whatever. Anyway:

Ayase Alisa/Kousaka Yukiho: Their BFFship is super cute, and also already kinda gay, because it's Love Live, and I would enjoy seeing it starting to blossom into romance, whether during canon or post-canon when they're in high school (and maybe dealing with becoming the next generation of school idols? Getting out from under the shadow of their respective older sisters?). Please age them up if you're going past a G rating, though.

Ayase Eli/Toujou Nozomi: I don't even know what to say about these two, they're basically married. (Though probably in a relationship at least open enough to allow for Nozomi hitting on any other cute girl who happens across her path.) I love how they sort of balance each other out, and how at first it seems like Nozomi is the more outgoing one and Eli is the socially awkward one, but in fact they were both pretty lonely before they met each other.

Hoshizora Rin/Koizumi Hanayo: I love how supportive of each other, and I love that although Hanayo seems all shy and delicate, she's really just as much of a big weird dork as Rin (if in different, particularly rice-focused ways). I also appreciate that one time where they dressed up as a bride and groom for no especially good reason. I don't know, just give me more cute stuff? Possibly involving costumes? Or cooking together or something?

Nishikino Maki/Yazawa Nico: Nico is kind of a terrible person who is talented, but not as talented as she thinks she is! Maki is a cranky tsundere! Actually, Nico is also kind of tsundere! They fight crime! Okay, no, but I love their dynamic and I would particularly enjoy seeing Nico drag Maki off on stupid adventures, along the lines of the ghost-hunting thing in the manga and cell phone game.

Magical Makeover (Twine Game)

Player Character/Fairy: I really love pairs of characters who bicker all the time but have each other's back when it counts; for all the fairy's grumbling, it seems like she really does care. I'd enjoy seeing them involved in more exasperating magical shenanigans (which possibly bring them back together after the PC frees the fairy, if that's the ending you're going with?) in which they grudgingly bond some more and the fairy continues not to finish her book. Extreme size difference is not my kink, however, so keep it G-rated or make them the same size (pretty plausible in this canon, really).

Player Character/Millicent: I love how comfortable the PC and Millie are with each other and how, when the chips are down, Millie is always willing to provide tea/sympathy/tough love/impromptu magical quest solutions/a locked room in which to recover from a bout of lepidoptero-vampirism. (And I'm sure the PC would do the same, but Millie doesn't seem to get into nearly as much trouble--at least the PC brings excitement to Millie's life?) In conclusion, they are cute and should also kiss. The end.

Princess Philantha/Player Character: This is the sort of thing that's definitely a Bad Idea, because even without the stabbing, they're from such different worlds that they would never have met if the PC hadn't sort of broken into Philantha's palace to steal from her, but I am totally here for them having an ill-advised fling anyway. Maybe the PC finds some other excuse to sneak into the palace, totally not for the purpose of seeing Philantha again (except it totally is).

General note: If the PC's gender is not kept vague as it is in the game, I would prefer them to be written as female.


Komatsu Nana/Oosaki Nana: These two love each other so much and I spent the entire anime wanting them to ditch their respective guys and ride off into the metaphorical sunset. And make out. My desires here are not complicated, is what I'm saying. Anything, whether it's them reuniting post-canon or getting together at some earlier point or something where it's just taken for granted that they're already girlfriends, will make me happy, as long as they're happy.

I have only seen the anime; I don't mind references to manga-only events, but I'd rather they not be, you know, necessary to understand the story.

Persona series

Aigis/Arisato Minako: I love just how little difference there is in Aigis's S-link for the male and female protagonists, down to the thinly-veiled robosex. And Aigis is so loyal and protective, which of course I enjoy, and Minako comes off warmer and more genuinely caring than her male counterpart, and... they're cute, okay. It'd be nice to see them get to go on an actual date sometime over the course of the game. Or, I don't know, having a quiet moment after a battle or something.

Arisato Minako/Elizabeth: I love Elizabeth and her weird worldview, and I'd love to see what she makes of dating (like, just to run with the exchange theme a little bit, what does she think ordinary human beings do on Valentine's Day?). Basically, anything wherein Elizabeth interacts with human concepts in her own idiosyncratic way while also having cute girlfriend moments with Minako would be great. Or if you'd rather do something more serious, something focused on her post-canon quest to bring (in this case) Minako back?

Kirijo Mitsuru/Takeba Yukari: I like that their relationship is difficult and a bit antagonistic at first, but despite their differences they manage to become friends and sources of support for one another. I don't think it would be the smoothest romantic relationship, but I do think they really care about each other. I'd enjoy fic set during canon for them too, but if you wanted to explore where they end up after canon, either in the immediate aftermath or years later, that would be cool too.

Kujikawa Rise/Shirogane Naoto: Anyway, I enjoy pairings where a more outgoing character draws a more reserved character out of her shell, so that's part of the appeal of Naoto/Rise for me--Naoto is awkward and Bad at People and Feelings and would probably take a secret crush to her grave before making a move, whereas Rise has zero qualms about going for what she wants. That said, while Rise may be social and flirty, she's also not necessarily good at genuinely letting people in, so the drawing-out-of-shells may be more mutual than it looks at first. Maybe Rise drags Naoto into some kind of school shenanigans, or Naoto needs Rise's help to solve a mystery for some reason, or... whatever, really, as long as they kiss at some point, you know?

Kujikawa Rise/Yamagishi Fuuka: This is my Persona Q semi-crackship (there was that one conversation where Rise seemed really interested in Fuuka's boobs? I have no other excuse). They spend a lot of time in the Velvet Room together while the others are in the labyrinth--what do they do or talk about there? Maybe they could go on a "date" at the school festival while they're off duty. Or, with or without taking PQ into account, they could meet post-canon sometime and bond over their similar experiences/roles?

General note: I haven't played either of the Arena games, so I only vaguely know what they say about the futures of the P3 kids. So I guess, like I said about Nana, I don't mind if a fic draws on that information, but I would rather not need to know it to make sense of the fic.

Other general note: Though Minako seems to be the canonical tag, I don't care what you call FeMC as long as it's not Hamuko.

The Traitor Baru Cormorant - Seth Dickinson

Baru Cormorant/Tain Hu: I have to admit, I have a thing for loyalty-kink and these two were so good for that. There's not much room in canon proper for any explicitly romantic interactions that we haven't already seen, but if you don't want to stray from the canon timeline at all, just more charged moments between them would be great. Alternatively, I would really love something set in the improbable AU where Baru really does support the rebellion (all along or she decides somewhere along the line that she can't betray them, whatever) and she and Tain Hu end up ruling (or attempting to rule) Aurdwynn together.


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