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Hi! Thanks for being interested in writing for me. Unfortunately signups are hitting at a very busy time of year for me, so in the interest of getting this letter together before signups close, it's going to be a bit briefer than I would like, but if you have any questions about anything in here, let me know.

Yes: fluff, smut, action/non-romance plot, established relationships, bittersweetness, hurt/comfort, canon-divergence AUs, crossdressing

No: pregnancy or kidfic (it can be part of the story if it's canon, but I don't want it as the main focus, and no non-canon babies at all, please), unrelenting sadness/hopelessness, issuefic, non-canon character death, noncon, mundane AUs/modern AUs for historical fandoms, crossovers

Craft Sequence - Max Gladstone

Mara Ceyla/Kai Pohala: I may be the only one who came out of Full Fathom Five shipping this, especially considering it doesn't seem to be a very shipping-oriented fandom, but I thought their small handful of scenes together were really sweet and they seem to care a lot about each other in an understated way. I'm not very good at specific prompts, but, I don't know, they've been through some shit lately and maybe they can help each other recover from it? And kiss?

Teo Batan/Sam: And speaking of people who have been through some shit... anyway, Teo was my favorite in Two Serpents Rise, and Sam is also great, and I love how well they complement each other despite being very different people on the surface. So I'd really love anything that focuses more on their relationship--particularly post-Two Serpents Rise, but ultimately I'd be happy with anything.

Emma - Jane Austen

General note: I don't really want a lot of angst over not being able to be together because it's the 1800s or whatever. Anyway, Emma is fortunate enough to be in a position where, I think, she could get by as an eccentric spinster living with a "companion" and she's not under a whole lot of pressure to marry, so.

I'm also not terribly into infidelity, so basically all of this is going to require a slightly AU version of the book with less marriage in it.

Emma Woodhouse/Harriet Smith: I don't know, the way Emma thinks a lot about how pretty Harriet is (I mean, honestly, when they first meet Emma is described as "so busy in admiring those soft blue eyes [...] that the evening flew away at a very unusual rate," that's pretty gay) and sort of monopolizes her has just always read to me like she's a little in love with Harriet. She needs to get over seeing Harriet as a project before they can really get anywhere, obviously, but I think they could be pretty sweet together once that happens.

Emma Woodhouse/Jane Fairfax: Jane is in some ways a lot more similar to Emma than Harriet is, but their relationship was also more antagonistic to start with, to say the least (and that's basically entirely Emma's fault, whoops). But I enjoy when two people who don't get along at first for whatever reason eventually find they have more in common than they thought and then romance develops out of that, so that would be interesting to see here.

Emma Woodhouse/Original Female Character: This is basically here as an option in case you would like to write lesbian Emma Woodhouse fanfiction (which I support in any and all forms) but would rather not have her get together with anyone she's already manipulated and/or been a jerk to, which unfortunately rules out most canon characters. But after (some moderately AU version of) the events of the book, once she's had some character development, maybe she meets some other lady with whom she really gets along? I don't have a terribly specific idea for who the OC should be, I'm sorry.

(... I feel like this is coming off like I don't like Emma very much. This is not true; in fact I love her, which is why she's in all the ships I'm requesting. She just... has many flaws.)

Ever 17: The Out of Infinity (Visual Novel)

Matsunaga Sara/Tanaka Yubiseiakikana: This is one of my more long-shot requests, but I've been shipping it all alone in a corner since, like, 2007 and hey, it can't hurt. It's just... there's the scene in You's route where Sara figures out about You and Hokuto's developing romance and says she's jealous of Hokuto, and I don't know how else to take that besides that she had a crush on You herself. Also the backstory of their relationship has the sort of "one is bubbly and outgoing and the other is standoffish and Doesn't Need Friends (except she totally does) and the bubbly one keeps pushing until the other one opens up" dynamic that I really enjoy, and then by the time of the game they're really comfortable with each other and they cuddle in their sleep and it's cute. But of course Sara is still keeping pretty huge secrets from You, so there's the possibility for tension there. I'd love post-True Ending fic about them (preferably either a slight AU where You and Hokuto never dated or something where sometime after the True Ending she breaks up with him quietly offscreen/before the fic starts; I don't want infidelity or massive breakup angst or anything like that), but I'm interested in pre-canon stuff about when they were at school together as well.

Fire Emblem: Kakusei | Fire Emblem: Awakening

Tiki/Say'ri: I liked their sort of lady/knight dynamic--I mean, it's technically goddess/warrior-queen, I know, but it has that element of loyalty and protection going on, which is catnip to me. And their A-support was so cute! I would prefer the "one's immortal, one's not" angst not to be a focus, though it's fine for it to be there to the extent that it is in canon.

Kjelle/Severa: Basically every interaction they have reads like Severa going "I'm attracted to you and I'm VERY ANGRY ABOUT IT!" and I kind of read Kjelle's "oh no, now you have to teach me how to fight!" in the A-support as not just messing with Severa but also finding an excuse to keep spending time together. And then there's Harvest Scramble, which, I don't know what even needs to be said about that.

F!Robin/Tharja: In the game this is largely played as a comedy stalker thing, I know, but then I got the support where Robin gets sick and Tharja takes care of her, and I was sold. Plus I feel like a running theme with a lot of Tharja's supports is that she's really more caring and less scary than she would like people to think.

Lissa/Maribelle: Maribelle is so devoted to and protective of Lissa, which I love, and I also love Lissa sort of gently encouraging her to actually think about herself and what she wants sometimes. I'd enjoy seeing them trying to find a balance there in the context of a romantic relationship.

Sully/Sumia: They may not have one of the deepest emotional bonds in the game, but I think they could have a good time together. I liked their bonding over horses, and Sumia is definitely into the dashing androgynous knight thing Sully has going on.

Sumia/Cordelia: They're childhood friends and became Pegasus Knights together and they've clearly been supporting/looking out for each other for a long time, so that's cute, although I think their various insecurities would make it not 100% a perfect problem-free relationship either.

Michiko e Hatchin | Michiko to Hatchin

Atsuko Jackson/Michiko Malandro: I really love protagonist/antagonist ships and I especially love the ones where they used to be friends, and this is one of the few f/f ships I've found that delivers on that dynamic. I mean, they were never super close, but they've known each other a long time and because of that they know exactly how to get under each other's skin, and I love that. The important point here is that I think they need to have angry sex (possibly developing from an actual fight). Or belligerent sexual tension, if you'd rather. Something both angry and sexy, at any rate.


Komatsu Nana/Oosaki Nana: These two love each other so much and I spent the entire anime wanting them to ditch their respective guys and ride off into the metaphorical sunset. And make out. My desires here are not complicated, is what I'm saying. Anything, whether it's them reuniting post-canon or getting together at some earlier point or something where it's just taken for granted that they're already girlfriends, will make me happy, as long as they're happy.

I have only seen the anime; I don't mind references to manga-only events, but I'd rather they not be, you know, necessary to understand the story.

Neon Genesis Impacts

(This is a seven-minute short and here's the whole thing, if anyone reading this letter for other fandoms becomes interested while scrolling idly by this section or something.)

Ishii Haruka/Taniguchi Izumi: Okay, in canon they kiss once and then Izumi leaves for the countryside for her safety and Haruka stays behind and is implied to get killed in an Angel attack. But what if Haruka survives somehow or other and they find each other again later on when they have (at least slightly) more of an opportunity to explore their feelings for each other? I don't necessarily need a happily-ever-after kind of thing here, because it's Evangelion and the world is pretty fucked, but it would be nice to see them have the chance to have a real relationship.

(I don't particularly care which Evangelion continuity you fit this into, or whether you just make up your own version of what happens following the Impacts short.)

Persona 3

Blanket comment for the Minako pairings: please no post-canon fic where the surviving partner is sadly reflecting on their relationship or whatever, unless you want to do a fix-it in which someone succeeds in bringing her back (which doesn't necessarily have to be sunshine and roses and unrelenting fluff, there can be complications related to that, I just don't want a fic that's 100% I Am Sad about My Dead Girlfriend).

On an unrelated note, I tend to use Minako in exchange sign-ups/letters because it's the canonical tag, but I don't really care what you name her as long as it's not Hamuko.

Aigis/Arisato Minako: I love just how little difference there is in Aigis's S-link for the male and female protagonists, down to the thinly-veiled robosex. And Aigis is so loyal and protective, which of course I enjoy, and Minako comes off warmer and more genuinely caring than her male counterpart, and... they're cute, okay. It'd be nice to see them get to go on an actual date sometime over the course of the game. Or, I don't know, having a quiet moment after a battle or something.

Arisato Minako/Elizabeth: I love Elizabeth and her weird worldview, and I'd love to see what she makes of dating (like--for an example that's no longer seasonally relevant because I'm cribbing from my Chocolate Box letter, but whatever--what does she think ordinary human beings do on Valentine's Day?). Basically, anything wherein Elizabeth interacts with human concepts in her own idiosyncratic way while also having cute girlfriend moments with Minako would be great.

Arisato Minako/Yamagishi Fuuka: For all the (relative) enthusiasm about shipping Minako with various girls, I feel like Fuuka gets kind of neglected. Okay, her S-link devotes way too much time to the "lol she can't cook" joke, but she is an adorably awkward nerd who is very impressed by Minako and Minako is also pretty impressed by her, and I think they could be cute together. As for prompts, since the S-link is all about Minako trying to teach Fuuka stuff, maybe Fuuka could try to teach Minako to do something with machines/electronics? Or whatever else you'd be interested in writing, really, I'm not picky.

Kirijo Mitsuru/Takeba Yukari: I like that their relationship is difficult and a bit antagonistic at first, but despite their differences they manage to become friends and sources of support for one another. I don't think it would be the smoothest romantic relationship, but I do think they really care about each other. I'd enjoy fic set during canon for them too, but if you wanted to explore where they end up after canon, either in the immediate aftermath or years later, that would be cool too.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni | When the Seagulls Cry

Mammon/Ushiromiya Ange: It's hard to quite know how to request/prompt Umineko fic, especially involving a character who doesn't exist in the game's real reality, but, uh... let's just assume for starters that this is all taking place on a level of reality where Mammon does exist and she's not Ange's imaginary girlfriend, because that would be sad. Anyway, I really loved their interactions in chapter 4, with Mammon as Ange's first friend, and even though she's this non-human being driven by greed, she gets so angry on Ange's behalf when Ange is mistreated, and she really does seem to care, in her own way. I can imagine Ange's feelings for her shading into romance (especially since Ange is so lonely), although of course any kind of relationship would be complicated by Mammon's status as furniture and the fact that she's.... a non-human being driven by greed. I'd be interested in both fic set when Ange is at boarding school and fic set during the game's "present day" after Ange becomes able to summon the Stakes again.


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