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Hi! I always find "general likes and dislikes" tough to do for Jukebox because it's sort of more open-ended than when I'm asking for fic based on specific canons, so I'll keep the intro section relatively short. I'm asking for fic in all fandoms and I'm fine with any tense or POV and with weird/experimental style stuff (though I do like capital letters); I'm also okay with any rating and any type of pairing, though if you're writing smut I'm really only interested in f/f for that. I don't want pregnancy or kidfic, issuefic, or unrelenting sadness and despair. If you have any questions about if something is okay or not, feel free to ask.

Derry Gaol (Traditional Song) (song, lyrics)

First of all, I'm not married to the version of the song that I linked above; feel free to take inspiration from any iteration of the lyrics you feel like working with.

This song sort of fascinates me because it feels like all the action happens offscreen, as it were. I mean, obviously there's suspense in following the young man who's about to be hanged, but when his true love rides up at the last minute all "I made them see that they must not hang you," I always wonder how. What has she been up to all this time? Amateur detective work? Political machinations? Witchcraft? I would prefer the answer not involve seduction, but other than that, it's up to you.

(You can mess with the genders here if you like, but if you keep it m/f then I would like the rescuer to stay female, please.)

Don't Let Me Down - The Chainsmokers feat. Daya (Music Video) - (video, lyrics)

What is the deal with this wandering band of apparently telekinetic young women, and why are they picking on the two guys in the convertible? Do they (or does one of them) have some specific grudge against these guys? Are they getting revenge on men in general? Or do they just mess with whoever happens by, for fun? Do they live in the woods or just meet up there because it's an appropriately secluded location for throwing dudes around with the power of your mind and/or of your sweet dance moves?

Jenny - Studio Killers (Music Video) (video, lyrics)

I've always liked the song, but as catchy as it is and as much as I enjoy the love story (mildly stalkerish though it may be), I don't think I would have nominated it without the video, which makes the world the two characters live in seem so colorful and weird. There's anthropomorphic animals, except sometimes they turn into less anthropomorphic animals and chase you into the wilderness? Sometimes you date a guy who never takes his luchador mask off and he also turns into a wolf and so you have to turn into a tiger so your new girlfriend can ride you to freedom? I just really enjoy the playful oddness of it and would love to see a story expanding on that, whether it's telling more of the story of Jenny and the singer's* relationship leading up to the events of the video or looking at what happens after it while they're on the run together or whatever.

* Her name in the larger Studio Killers, uh, mythos? is Cherry, but of course since that doesn't appear in the song, you don't have to use it.

Murder in the City - Brandi Carlile (Song) (song, lyrics)

I have (as with The Lady Came from Baltimore last year) nominated a cover by a female artist rather than the original because I want the gay version, and in this case that's very deliberate on the part of the artist, so please keep the singer female.

With that out of the way: The singer is obviously going into the city on some kind of mission from which she may not return, but what is it? What are her relationships with her wife, daughter, and sibling (sister?) like? There are a couple different angles you could take here--you could follow the singer on whatever business she's carrying out in the city, or you could focus on her family at home and how they feel about her absence and the fact that she might not come back. Or you could stick to the sort of timeframe of the song and focus on the singer preparing for whatever it is she's doing and her reflections as she does so. It's just a very elliptical kind of song, and I'd love anything that would flesh out the story a little more.

Nijikan Dake no Vacance - Utada Hikaru feat. Shiina Ringo (Music Video) (video, lyrics)

I just want to know about the Space Adventures of these two women and their sweet hovercar and somewhat dorkier... hover-Segway? Whatever that thing is. Are they space tourists getting away from their busy life on Earth? Are they in space for work reasons and just taking a little time out to go exploring together? Feel free to have the worldbuilding be silly/rule-of-cool/not at all hard sci-fi; they're running around on alien planets without spacesuits in the video, so I'm not overly concerned with plausibility.

Also, I'm not sure whether the women in the video would be considered "canonically" a couple (they could be gal pals who stroke each other's faces lovingly, I guess? The lyrics mention kissing, but they don't kiss in the video, so I don't know if it counts?), so consider this an optional detail if you like, I guess, but I would really love for them to be in a romantic relationship.

The Poisoner - Fern Knight (Song) (song, lyrics)

I've always felt like there was an absolutely fascinating dark fantasy/weird fiction/whatever-you-wanna-call-the-border-between-fantasy-and-horror story lurking within this song that I just can't quite piece together. So there's something about the narrator and the mysterious, otherworldly stone-walled village from whence (as she doesn't know at first, but eventually realizes) she came and to which she is destined to return (and what does that mean for her?). And then in the chorus there's the eponymous poisoner and the people they have apparently poisoned, but how do these things fit together? Who is the poisoner? Is it even a person? Why does the narrator refer to them as "my past and my future" (the same terms in which she refers to the village)?

This definitely lends itself to the kind of story where there's a lot of ambiguity and things left to the imagination, so I don't necessarily need all these questions answered or anything, I just would really love to see someone take some of the imagery in this song and make a clearer narrative out of it.

William Taylor (Traditional Song) (song, lyrics)

I'll always have a soft spot for this song because of how totally the ending surprised me when I first heard it--not even so much the murder part as the part where she's given command of a ship and apparently continues to live disguised as a man indefinitely (though it seems like her gender must be something of an open secret, since the sailors on the ship she was originally serving on already know). While I'm again open to including stuff from any version of the lyrics, that part is the one thing I would like you to keep no matter what, since I'm mainly interested in fic that takes that as a starting point and explores what Sarah's life is like after the events of the song. What further adventures does she have? Does she ever find love again? Does she ever have regrets or feel guilty, or is she content in the knowledge that William got what was coming to him?

Witch - Be Steadwell (Song) (song, lyrics)

I really like the way that over the course of the song the singer goes from viewing love as a weakness to viewing it as a strength, and I love the fantasy imagery. So I'd be happy to get a story about a woman king--who maybe has believed until now that her position requires her to shut herself off from things like feelings and emotional attachments? Or who has been arrogant and believed that she didn't need anybody else?--falling in love with a witch and struggling to deal with/come to terms with her feelings. Or maybe something from the witch's perspective. How does she see the king? Is there anything about the relationship that she struggles with?
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