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Things I like: fluff, smut, action/non-romance plot, established relationships, bittersweetness, hurt/comfort, canon-divergence AUs, crossdressing, loyalty kink

DNWs: non-canon pregnancy or kidfic, fic heavily focused on children/parenting, fic in which the requested pairing breaks up and stays broken up to the end of the fic, issuefic, non-canon character death, noncon, mundane AUs, crossovers

Any POV or tense is fine; my only stylistic request is that there be proper capitalization, because I find things easier to read that way.

Also, I'm down with other-genre AUs, stuff where the characters are magical girls or spies or IN SPACE or whatever, but am most interested in those for canons set in the modern-day real world.

I am really bad at coming up with specific prompts, so first of all, I apologize for that, but second, whatever specific prompts I do include are probably some random thing thought of off the top of my head in an attempt to give you some kind of guidance if you're having trouble, rather than being ideas I'm really married to, so feel free to disregard them entirely.

Ace Attorney

Lana Skye/Mia Fey: They totally had a thing in law school, so if you want to write me something about their passionate intellectual attraction and long nights of studying together, I'm up for it. Or something about their early careers! Did they ever have to go up against each other in court? Canon divergence AUs where Mia doesn't die are welcome--or maybe an AU in which Mia becomes a spirit medium instead of a lawyer after all, and ends up helping with a case that Lana is also working on?

Aura Blackquill/Metis Cykes As with Lana and Mia, though they clearly cared a lot about each other, we don't see them interact and one is already dead by the time we meet the other, so I think there's a lot of space to fill in fic-wise. I would really love anything about their adventures in mad science and robot co-parenting. (I'd rather have less focus on the parenting of actual children, but appearances by tiny Athena are okay by me.)

Athena Cykes/Franziska von Karma: I'd love to see them having a sort of charged professional rivalry and/or having to work together to investigate something and going from bickering to grudging respect to making out (like you do) or something along those lines. They're both very, um, driven individuals and I think they'd rub each other the wrong way at first, but they have a lot in common, really.

Adrian Andrews/Lana Skye and Aura Blackquill/Lana Skye: Though I love Lana/Mia and Aura/Metis, I also love Lana and Aura as characters and I think they should have the chance to find love again rather than mourning forever. You don't necessarily have to include past Lana/Mia or Aura/Metis in the fic, but however you see those relationships (or Adrian's with Celeste Inpax, for that matter), all of these characters have lost people who were important to them and have (related or unrelated) weaknesses that they don't want anyone to know about, so each of them has built up massive walls to avoid getting close to anyone. As such, I see both these ships as ones where the characters have to gradually lower their defenses and let themselves care about people again even though that might open them up to getting hurt--that sort of thing.

Adrian Andrews/Franziska von Karma: This is... actually similar to the above, because Franziska also has some serious defenses (in a "the best defense is a good offense" kind of way). I think Adrian, by the end of the trial, doesn't have much reason to put on the cool-and-aloof act because Franziska already knows it's an act, Franziska still has something to lose by letting her guard down, both in general and, in the ship-specific context, what if revealing that she is actually a human being with flaws and vulnerabilities makes Adrian's attitude go from "life goals or wife goals" to "ugh, go away, you loser" or something? So... basically "two people who are not good at relationships or talking about their feelings somehow awkwardly manage to have a romantic relationship anyway" is a thing that I enjoy.

The Count of Monte Cristo

Eugénie Danglars/Louise d'Armilly: I was totally charmed by Eugénie and Louise when reading the book, and since there's not all that much of them, especially not together, there's plenty of room for fic. I would love to read about their future adventures involving music and possibly crossdressing, but any kind of backstory on their relationship or stuff set during the events of the book would also be awesome!

I don't usually request fanart because I'm terrible at prompting it, but I'm making an exception because I would absolutely love an illustration of the scene where they're preparing to run away together. The thing I really enjoy about that scene is how much fun they seem to be having with it, so anything that captures that would be great. Alternatively, the two of them at the piano together or the last scene at the hotel would also be lovely.

Dangan Ronpa

Celestia Ludenberg/Maizono Sayaka: I'm interested in the way that Maizono's cheerful demeanor masks a singleminded devotion to her career such that even pre-murderschool she was apparently willing to do questionable things to get where she is, and because of that I think she could relate in interesting and unexpected ways to Celes, who wears a different sort of mask and shares that ruthless streak. Do with that what you will. For fluff value, pre-murderschool shenanigans where Maizono forcibly drags a cranky Celes into some kind of totally embarrassing activity--and/or generally chipping away at Celes's defenses until Celes has to reluctantly admit that she's fallen for Maizono despite her best efforts to be a totally aloof vampire ice queen--would be fun.

Ikusaba Mukuro/Kirigiri Kyouko: I ship them mainly based on their interactions in Dangan Ronpa IF--I love how, despite the fact that neither one trusts easily, Kirigiri manages to build this rapport with Mukuro while everyone else is still hostile towards her, and they work well together and respect each other's abilities and it's great, okay. Fic set in IF's everyone-lives AU would be great, with the two of them working together to be badasses and take down the Remnants of Despair or whatever (and we're back to "I like battle couples"), but I'd also love pre-canon fic--given Mukuro's involvement in Junko's plans, there's an interesting tension in her getting attached to anyone, and especially to Kirigiri, who already suspects Junko of being up to something, and I'd love to see where that leads, whether it's to Mukuro turning on Junko or to her betraying Kirigiri or... whatever else.

Kirigiri Kyouko/Celestia Ludenberg: Kirigiri is a detective and Celes is a gambler, both vocations which require you to get into another person's head and try to stay one step ahead of them at all times, so basically I like this ship best when they're playing some sort of cat and mouse game, each fighting to get the upper hand, generally trying to discomfit each other... you get the picture. I know this sounds all dark and serious, but it's not necessarily, especially if, again, we're talking pre-canon--I mean, picture two teenage girls, neither of whom has any experience with romance or is very good at talking about her feelings, each trying to be the one who is in control and winning at the relationship (whatever that means). There's room for them both to fail hilariously at this.

Kirigiri Kyouko/Maizono Sayaka: I've already mentioned that what interests me most about Maizono is the difference between the face that she presents to the world and who she really is. Kirigiri, as a detective, is very perceptive (not to mention naturally suspicious), so maybe she's the only one who doesn't take Maizono at face value, and maybe that leads to Maizono opening up to her in some way? Pre-canon fic definitely seems like the easiest way to go here (though if you can make something else work or want to do an AU, that's fine too), and as with Celes, it would be fun to see Maizono forcibly dragging Kirigiri out of her shell. (Also, I just want to mention that their ship name in the Japanese fandom is apparently Double Heroine. Isn't that cute?)

fault (Visual Novels)

Ritona Reighnvhasta/Selphine Rughzenhaide: The princess/bodyguard dynamic is My Jam, so I was already predisposed to love these two, but I think what sealed the deal for me was the moment early in the first game where they take a moment out of trying to figure out what they're going to do about having been magically dumped in some strange place to be like "You're so good at things!" "No, you're so good at things!" They appreciate each other so much, it's adorable. There is, as of this writing, literally no fic that I'm aware of, so I would really be happy with anything. Pre-canon relationship development stuff? Stolen moments on the road? Something set in the future involving Selphine being queen and how that affects her relationship with Ritona? (No "but I have to marry a man and have children because succession" angst, though, please.)

(Also, since I was the one who nominated them, I swear this isn't a "but here's the un-nominated ship that I really want" thing, but if what you really would most love to do would be to add Rune in for the OT3, I would not mind.)


Komatsu Nana/Oosaki Nana: These two love each other so much and I spent the entire anime wanting them to ditch their respective guys and ride off into the metaphorical sunset. And make out. My desires here are not complicated, is what I'm saying. Anything, whether it's them reuniting post-canon or getting together at some earlier point or something where it's just taken for granted that they're already girlfriends, will make me happy, as long as they're happy.

I have only seen the anime; I don't mind references to manga-only events, but I'd rather they not be, you know, necessary to understand the story.

Persona 3

Blanket comment for the Minako pairings: please no post-canon fic where the surviving partner is sadly reflecting on their relationship or whatever, unless you want to do a fix-it in which someone succeeds in bringing her back (which doesn't necessarily have to be sunshine and roses and unrelenting fluff, there can be complications related to that, I just don't want a fic that's 100% I Am Sad about My Dead Girlfriend).

On an unrelated note, I tend to use Minako in exchange sign-ups/letters because it's the canonical tag, but I don't really care what you name her as long as it's not Hamuko.

Aigis/Arisato Minako: I love just how little difference there is in Aigis's S-link for the male and female protagonists, down to the thinly-veiled robosex. And Aigis is so loyal and protective, which of course I enjoy, and Minako comes off warmer and more genuinely caring than her male counterpart, and... they're cute, okay. It'd be nice to see them get to go on an actual date sometime over the course of the game. Or, I don't know, having a quiet moment after a battle or something.

Arisato Minako/Elizabeth: I love Elizabeth and her weird worldview, and I'd love to see what she makes of dating (like--for an example that's no longer seasonally relevant because I'm cribbing from my Chocolate Box letter, but whatever--what does she think ordinary human beings do on Valentine's Day?). Basically, anything wherein Elizabeth interacts with human concepts in her own idiosyncratic way while also having cute girlfriend moments with Minako would be great.

Arisato Minako/Yamagishi Fuuka: For all the (relative) enthusiasm about shipping Minako with various girls, I feel like Fuuka gets kind of neglected. Okay, her S-link devotes way too much time to the "lol she can't cook" joke, but she is an adorably awkward nerd who is very impressed by Minako and Minako is also pretty impressed by her, and I think they could be cute together. As for prompts, since the S-link is all about Minako trying to teach Fuuka stuff, maybe Fuuka could try to teach Minako to do something with machines/electronics? Or whatever else you'd be interested in writing, really, I'm not picky.

Kirijo Mitsuru/Takeba Yukari: I like that their relationship is difficult and a bit antagonistic at first, but despite their differences they manage to become friends and sources of support for one another. I don't think it would be the smoothest romantic relationship, but I do think they really care about each other. I'd enjoy fic set during canon for them too, but if you wanted to explore where they end up after canon, either in the immediate aftermath or years later, that would be cool too.

Persona 4

Kujikawa Rise/Shirogane Naoto: I enjoy pairings where a more outgoing character draws a more reserved character out of her shell, so that's part of the appeal of Naoto/Rise for me--Naoto is awkward and Bad at People and Feelings and would probably take a secret crush to her grave before making a move, whereas Rise has zero qualms about going for what she wants. That said, while Rise may be social and flirty, she's also not necessarily good at genuinely letting people in, so the drawing-out-of-shells may be more mutual than it looks at first. Maybe Rise drags Naoto into some kind of school shenanigans, or Naoto needs Rise's help to solve a mystery for some reason, or... whatever, really, as long as they kiss at some point, you know?

Twelfth Night

Olivia/Viola: Between the whole "I know Orsino is a great guy who should be an attractive husband option for me in every possible way, but I can't love him, I just can't" thing and the five million jokes about how Cesario looks like a girl, I think there's a reading here where Olivia is (but probably hasn't realized she is) a lesbian, and then finding out that Cesario is really Viola is a "... well, that explains a lot" kind of moment, so if you want to play with that, that could be interesting. Bi Olivia is cool too, though! I'd love to see how things play out with Olivia/Viola as the endgame ship, whether Viola stays in disguise so they can marry or whether she resumes her identity as Viola and they choose not to marry anyone, but I'm also fine with the canon relationships existing as open relationships that everyone involved has agreed to, as long as there isn't too much focus on their relationships with their respective husbands. (Or Olivia and Sebastian could have a marriage of convenience so that she can secretly hook up with Viola while he secretly hooks up with Antonio; that's a background pairing I'm totally down with.) I'm okay with AUs for this, and even if you don't set it in another era, it's fine if you don't emulate the Shakespearean language.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Bernkastel/Lambdadelta: These two are absolutely awful and I love them, although I will say that I don't have a very strong stomach for guro and that kind of thing, so I'd rather not actually see them doing any of the gruesome things they flirt by threatening each other with. Further threat-flirting, however, is welcome. It'd be cool to see more of their backstory, or get a glimpse of them going up against each other in a different game, although more sniping at each other behind the scenes of Umineko is also great. You may be noticing a theme here: I'm pathetically desperate for fics for rare ships not picky.

Mammon/Ushiromiya Ange: I really loved their interactions in chapter 4, with Mammon as Ange's first friend, and even though she's this non-human being driven by greed, she gets so angry on Ange's behalf when Ange is mistreated, and she really does seem to care, in her own way. I can imagine Ange's feelings for her shading into romance (especially since Ange is so lonely), although of course any kind of relationship would be complicated by Mammon's status as furniture and the fact that she's.... a non-human being driven by greed. I'd be interested in both fic set when Ange is at boarding school and fic set during the game's "present day" after Ange becomes able to summon the Stakes again.

Furudo Erika/Dlanor A. Knox: I enjoy Erika's possessiveness of her murder doll and that Dlanor does see herself as a tool to be used by Erika and has some kind of loyalty to her but at the same time is not uncritical of Erika's... everything. It's super fucked up! But also, like... probably the closest either of them gets to a genuine attachment to anybody (barring Dlanor's dead dad)? And I enjoy stuff that straddles that fucked up/"actually kind of sweet, in a weird way?" line.


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