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posted by [personal profile] xenoglossy at 04:08pm on 23/08/2017
Things I like: established romantic relationships, bittersweetness, hurt/comfort, canon-divergence AUs, non-mundane genre AUs, crossdressing, loyalty kink, characters protecting each other/saving each other's lives, action/casefic/etc. A-plot with romance B-plot, smut

DNWs: non-canon pregnancy or kidfic, fic heavily focused on children/parenting, fic in which a requested pairing breaks up and stays broken up to the end of the fic, issuefic, non-canon character death, noncon, mundane AUs, crossovers, vore or guro (as kinks), non-requested ships (canon or otherwise) as the main focus of the fic

Any POV or tense is fine; my only stylistic request is that there be proper capitalization, because I find things easier to read that way.

I am really bad at coming up with specific prompts, so first of all, I apologize for that, but second, whatever specific prompts I do include are probably some random thing thought of off the top of my head in an attempt to give you some kind of guidance if you're having trouble, rather than being ideas I'm really married to, so feel free to disregard them entirely.


Matska Belmonde/Carmilla Karnstein: In canons about vampires who have sad/conflicted feelings about being vampires, I always think it's fun when you get a vampire who just revels in it like Mattie does. I love her in all her unabashed terribleness, and I love how she does actually care deeply about Carmilla, in the end, and vice versa, and I thought their interactions had a really ex-y vibe. I'm not looking to break up the endgame Laura/Carmilla, but I would love something set in the past when Mattie and Carmilla were off being hedonistic together, or while Laura and Carmilla are temporarily broken up.

Count of Monte Cristo

Eugénie Danglars/Louise d'Armilly: I was totally charmed by Eugénie and Louise when reading the book, and since there's not all that much of them, especially not together, there's plenty of room for fic. I would love to read about their future adventures involving music and possibly crossdressing, but any kind of backstory on their relationship or stuff set during the events of the book would also be awesome!

I don't usually request fanart because I'm terrible at prompting it, but I'm making an exception because I would absolutely love an illustration of the scene where they're preparing to run away together. The thing I really enjoy about that scene is how much fun they seem to be having with it, so anything that captures that would be great. Alternatively, the two of them at the piano together or the last scene at the hotel would also be lovely.

Dangan Ronpa

Koizumi Mahiru/Satou: This is the only thing I came out of SDR2 shipping, and the lack of fic was frustrating, if not exactly surprising, considering that Satou doesn't even actually appear in the game. But the kind of intense, fucked-up loyalty that would lead one person to commit murder for another and the other to help her cover it up is catnip to me. And then DR3 started airing, and I was like, we will get to actually see the events of Twilight Syndrome! Maybe Satou's character will be expanded upon and there will be more fic! Maybe she'll even get a first name! And I was disappointed on all counts, obviously. So I would love to see any exploration of their relationship, in junior high or at Hope's Peak--some glimpse of how they met, how they became friends, how or why Satou became so devoted to Mahiru and vice versa, how it affected their relationship when one got into Hope's Peak proper and the other was in the reserve course... anything, really. Or if you wanted to do an AU where Satou doesn't die and plop her into the events of SDR2, that would be cool too! Or something else entirely. Seriously, anything.

fault (Visual Novels)

Ritona Reighnvhasta/Selphine Rughzenhaide: The princess/bodyguard dynamic is My Jam, so I was already predisposed to love these two, but I think what sealed the deal for me was the moment early in the first game where they take a moment out of trying to figure out what they're going to do about having been magically dumped in some strange place to be like "You're so good at things!" "No, you're so good at things!" They appreciate each other so much, it's adorable. There is, as of this writing, literally no fic that I'm aware of, so I would really be happy with anything. Pre-canon relationship development stuff? Stolen moments on the road? Something set in the future involving Selphine being queen and how that affects her relationship with Ritona? (No "but I have to marry a man and have children because succession" angst, though, please.)

Ritona Reighnvhasta/Selphine Rughzenhaide/Rune Zhevitz: I also love Rune and the way that even though the other two haven't known her as long, Selphine and Ritona warm to her and her good-hearted if slightly awkward enthusiasm really quickly and she fits so easily and comfortably into the dynamic. So if you want to go for the OT3, go ahead--either with Rune joining an established Selphine/Ritona romantic relationship or the romantic element developing on the road for all three of them.


Margaret Adler/Anna Shea: To quote that one YouTube video that translates all of Anna's Morse code messages, "If you're sending interdimensional messages to a girl, that means you at least have a crush on her. Or that you're stuck in a frozen nightmare that loops forever, but, you know, you pick how you want to interpret this." I'm not asking for a fix-it here because I can't really imagine how that would even work (though if you have a really great idea, go ahead), but I don't want a focus on "my girlfriend is dead" angst or, you know, "I'm trapped in a nightmare dimension where time has no meaning and my girlfriend's not here" angst. I absolutely love "women doing cool things during World War II" stories, so something set during that time period would be fantastic, but if you want to do something more modern, maybe Maggie gets one of Anna's messages, and maybe even finds a way to send one back?

Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Bernkastel/Lambdadelta: These two are absolutely awful and I love them, although I will say that I don't have a very strong stomach for guro and that kind of thing, so I'd rather not actually see them doing any of the gruesome things they flirt by threatening each other with. (I am totally fine with gore on the level of what's in canon, it's just when it's presented as something that the reader is supposed to find sexy that it puts me off.) Further threat-flirting, however, is welcome. It'd be cool to see more of their backstory, or get a glimpse of them going up against each other in a different game, although more sniping at each other behind the scenes of Umineko is also great.

Mammon/Ushiromiya Ange: I really loved their interactions in chapter 4, with Mammon as Ange's first friend, and even though she's this non-human being driven by greed, she gets so angry on Ange's behalf when Ange is mistreated, and she really does seem to care, in her own way. I can imagine Ange's feelings for her shading into romance (especially since Ange is so lonely), although of course any kind of relationship would be complicated by Mammon's status as furniture and the fact that she's.... a non-human being driven by greed. I'd be interested in both fic set when Ange is at boarding school and fic set during the game's "present day" after Ange becomes able to summon the Stakes again.
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