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Hi! Sorry this is a bit late--I didn't get a chance to sign up until almost literally the last minute. I hope this hasn't been too much of a problem for your writing process!

Life Is Strange - Any

I was kind of disappointed that Max and Chloe never got any explicitly romantic interactions except for right before (Max goes back in time to ensure that) Chloe dies for real, leaving them no real chance to explore the awkward intricacies of "we were best friends and then we didn't speak for five years and now, Feelings?" So I'd really love anything focused on developing that relationship more, whether in the "sacrifice Arcadia Bay" ending (now with added trauma and resentment!) or in some kind of AU where Chloe gets to live without hundreds or thousands of people dying in exchange. Or just more romantic interactions/awkward discussions of feelings/whatever during the events of the game itself, in some hypothetical alternate timeline that we didn't get to see.

I'm also down for gen with any of the nominated characters. Scenes from Chloe and Rachel's time together, an AU where Rachel lives/is saved somehow and Max gets to meet her, Max and Kate finally having their high tea and maybe supporting each other in dealing with the various crap they've been through... and, I mean, it strikes me that in the "sacrifice Chloe" ending, Max has no one left who even knows what she's been through. Does she maybe confide in Kate, if only a little? (Also, though Chloe/Max is of course the only nominated ship, I am open to Chloe/Rachel or Max/Kate if you feel like writing that.)

I would rather not have any mundane AUs for this fandom, though obviously I'm interested in the canon-divergent kind. (I mean, obviously if you set a fic before Max gets her powers, the world is indistinguishable from the real world, and that's fine! I just don't want anything where Max never gets any crazy time-manipulation abilities and everyone's a normal high school student having a normal high school experience.)

Love Live! School Idol Festival - Kurobane Sakuya & Kurobane Sakura, Aikawa Ryo/Shirase Koyuki, Mido Yuri/Miyashita Coco

I started shipping Ryo and Koyuki after seeing the scene where Ryo talks about getting to perform alongside Koyuki in a play. I'd love anything expanding on their longtime friendship and how it develops into romance, but I'd particularly enjoy if it incorporated theatre in some way (or maybe a romantic-overtoned idol performance, like Love Wing Bell in the anime?). I'm a big fan of the Takarazuka Revue and pretty much all the Japanese pop culture inspired by it, so anything about all-female theatrical productions is My Jam, and I am a sucker for onstage romances becoming offstage romances, as cheesy as that is. Or, I don't know, now that Koyuki's tried out theater, does Ryo try out dance?

For the Kurobane sisters, I enjoy the impression I get that their relationship is kind of superficially antagonistic--Sakuya is... not very much in touch with reality, or at least acts that way, and Sakura is more practical and seems kind of long-suffering and put-upon about having to keep her sister from doing anything stupid, but that deep down they really do care about each other. I mean, Sakura says she's the only one allowed to insult Sakuya, and I feel like that sums up what interests me about them--that maybe they're not always nice to each other, but Sakura still won't stand for anyone else messing with her sister (and people have probably tried, considering). So again, mostly I just want to see them actually interact, and I'd be particularly interested in exploring Sakuya's feelings a bit more, since canon tells us more about what Sakura thinks of Sakuya than vice versa.

As for Coco and Yuri, okay, all we really know about their relationship is that Coco apparently likes dressing Yuri up in cute outfits and telling her how good she looks in them, but I am totally here for makeovers full of sublimated attraction, and generally Coco dragging Yuri into doing things and Yuri complaining about it but secretly enjoying it.

I'd be happy to see other N girls show up in the fic in supporting roles, but much as I love μ's, I'd like to keep any appearances to the cameo level.

Persona 4 - Kujikawa Rise/Shirogane Naoto

I enjoy pairings where a more outgoing character draws a more reserved character out of her shell, so that's part of the appeal of Naoto/Rise for me--Naoto is awkward and Bad at People and Feelings and would probably take a secret crush to her grave before making a move, whereas Rise has zero qualms about going for what she wants. That said, while Rise may be social and flirty, she's also not necessarily good at genuinely letting people in, so the drawing-out-of-shells may be more mutual than it looks at first. Maybe Rise drags Naoto into some kind of school shenanigans, or Naoto needs Rise's help to solve a mystery for some reason, or... whatever, really, as long as they kiss at some point, you know?
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