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Hi! Thank you for writing for me. Or just idly reading my letter, whichever. Given the number of requests allowed and the fact that stories only have to be 300 words, I'm going to try to keep things concise here, but if anything's unclear, feel free to get in touch with me via the mod or anonymous comments or whatever. Also, not all sections of this letter have the exact same degree of concision, but please believe me when I say that the length of the paragraph about a ship doesn't correlate to how much I want fic about it.

Yes: fluff, smut, action/non-romance plot, established relationships, bittersweetness, hurt/comfort, canon-divergence AUs, crossdressing

No: pregnancy or kidfic, unrelenting sadness/hopelessness, issuefic, non-canon character death, noncon, mundane AUs, crossovers

Any POV or tense is fine; my only stylistic request is that there be proper capitalization, because I find things easier to read that way.

Also, I'm down with other-genre AUs, stuff where the characters are magical girls or spies or IN SPACE or whatever.

Finally, I'd rather not read anything too explicit about characters who are under sixteen, though I am okay with the implication that they're having sex.

16 Ways to Kill a Vampire at McDonald's (Twine game)

Lucy & or / Claire: Of the various endings that you get from the little bonus segment after you find all sixteen ways, I'm particularly interested in the ones where Claire (the cashier) becomes a vampire hunter. I'm especially interested in the one where Claire nearly dies, tries and fails to go back to her ordinary life, and then goes to a lot of effort to track down Lucy & co., so something spinning off that ending would be great, but the one(s) where Lucy gets the vampire before Claire is in any real danger and then just explains the whole thing to her is/are also good. I'd love to see Lucy showing Claire the ropes when it comes to vampire hunting, or something set further in the future when Claire has become a competent hunter in her own right with the two of them teaming up to take down a vampire, or several, together. Romance between them is also very welcome--I know Claire is fairly young, so if you wanted to set romance fic a few years down the line, that's cool with me, though I also wouldn't be bothered by romance fic set closer to the time of the canon. All that said, if you have a great idea that's unrelated to any of my prompts, go for it; I would be thrilled for fic for this game to exist at all.

BIRDLAND (Interactive Fiction)

Bridget Leaside/Bellwoods Park: I found their fumbling through the awkward start of a first teenage romance (between two more-awkward-than-usual teenagers, no less) very endearing, and I'd love to see them continuing to figure out how things work together after they get home from summer camp. Especially if they also have to deal with some further kind of weird shenanigans (you know, not necessarily the invading bird aliens or the killer AI again, but something along those lines) on top of that whole "how does dating" thing. Or Bridget helping Bell with a more small-scale or mundane case could be fun.

Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040

Priss Asagiri/Linna Yamazaki: This is my biggest long shot, but I had a nomination slot left and I remembered baby's first femslash ship from back in the early 2000s and I thought, hey, why not? There's very little fic, and even less that's any good, which is why back in the day I made Priss and Linna in the Sims 2 so I could have them make out. ... Like I said, it was the early 2000s. Anyway, Linna seems to have such a starry-eyed crush on Priss at the start, and then as they work together and Linna comes into her own as a fighter and generally wears down Priss's cranky and aloof exterior, that develops into actual friendship and respect. But not, alas, into romance, so here we are. I'm very fond of battle couples and characters protecting each other/saving each other's lives, so if you wanted to write something where they battle a thing (either with the other Knight Sabers or just the two of them because handwave handwave Reasons) and then have a Romantic Moment in the aftermath, that would be A+, but if you don't want to deal with writing an action scene (and I would not blame you), I'd be just as happy with fic where they go on a date, or make out, or have some kind of sweet domestic moment in their downtime from vigilante robot-fighting, or where Linna watches Priss perform and is turned on?, or, hell, you could just do the battle-aftermath scene without the battle. Whatever, really. I am a simple creature with simple needs, and whatever you write will almost certainly be more satisfying than the Sims. Oh, and we can just... conveniently forget about Leon. Either he and Priss break up quietly offscreen or it's an AU where they never got together, something like that.

Chicago (2002)

For either of these, if you wanted to work in the lesbian subculture of the 1920s (particularly as it relates to music), I would be super into that, but you absolutely don't have to.

Roxie Hart/Velma Kelly: Soooo, how about that angry, antagonistic prison sex? Or you could explore their lives post-canon and how they work as partners, though I'd like it if you could keep some of the sharpness and tension in their relationship. I mean, they can be largely happy together and having a good time, but ultimately they're selfish and ruthless people, and they're never really going to be fluffy bunnies, you know? Any exploration of their future lives together in showbiz and/or crime would be cool. I am A-OK with things ending in horrible fiery disaster for them, but equally okay with a happily-ever-after kind of thing, to the extent that they are capable of that (see above re: fluffy bunnies).

Mama Morton/Velma Kelly: Their relationship is so interesting, because it's based almost entirely on the exchange of monetary and implied sexual favors for various goods and services, but they also seem, to some extent, to genuinely like each other--it may be the closest thing to a friendship that Velma has. I'd be interested to see something about how that relationship developed, or what happens to it after Velma gets out of prison--how would they cope with that shift in the power dynamic, especially once Velma finds success? While Velma's struggling, their relationship might remain one where Mama has most of the power and is magnanimously doing favors for someone less fortunate (in exchange for just a little something...), but what about when Velma doesn't need Mama anymore? Or you could do something set during canon, really--we get relatively few glimpses of their relationship, and it's mostly through Roxie's eyes, so there's lots of room to explore.

Dangan Ronpa

For all the Dangan Ronpa 1 pairings, I'm fascinated with the possibilities of the two missing years, so I'd love to see a story exploring what happened during that time, whether it's an ordinary-school-days fluffy vignette or something set during the lockdown or something that explores the relationship before and after the mindwipe. Something involving regaining memories of a pre-mindwipe relationship either during the murdergame or post-canon could be interesting. I am also up for everyone-escapes AUs or non-murderschool AUs if that's something you're interested in.

Asahina Aoi/Kirigiri Kyouko: For the most part, I'm more interested in the events during and prior to the first game, but for this one ship I'm definitely thinking Future Foundation era. (I kind of can't ship Aoi with anyone but Sakura while Sakura is alive, anyway, though I'm not requesting that because I'd rather focus on rarepairs.) They've been through a lot together, and they've clearly become close by the time of Mirai-hen. I'd like to see them being a bright spot for each other in the grimdark future. Also maybe some suit kink? I'm into the new outfits.

Celestia Ludenberg/Maizono Sayaka: I'm interested in the way that Maizono's cheerful demeanor masks a singleminded devotion to her career such that even pre-murderschool she was apparently willing to do questionable things to get where she is, and because of that I think she could relate in interesting and unexpected ways to Celes, who wears a different sort of mask and shares that ruthless streak. Do with that what you will. For fluff value, pre-murderschool shenanigans where Maizono forcibly drags a cranky Celes into some kind of totally embarrassing activity--and/or generally chipping away at Celes's defenses until Celes has to reluctantly admit that she's fallen for Maizono despite her best efforts to be a totally aloof vampire ice queen--would be fun.

Ikusaba Mukuro/Kirigiri Kyouko: I ship them mainly based on their interactions in Dangan Ronpa IF--I love how, despite the fact that neither one trusts easily, Kirigiri manages to build this rapport with Mukuro while everyone else is still hostile towards her, and they work well together and respect each other's abilities and it's great, okay. Fic set in IF's everyone-lives AU would be great, with the two of them working together to be badasses and take down the Remnants of Despair or whatever (and we're back to "I like battle couples"), but I'd also love pre-canon fic--given Mukuro's involvement in Junko's plans, there's an interesting tension in her getting attached to anyone, and especially to Kirigiri, who already suspects Junko of being up to something, and I'd love to see where that leads, whether it's to Mukuro turning on Junko or to her betraying Kirigiri or... whatever else.

Kirigiri Kyouko/Celestia Ludenberg: Kirigiri is a detective and Celes is a gambler, both vocations which require you to get into another person's head and try to stay one step ahead of them at all times, so basically I like this ship best when they're playing some sort of cat and mouse game, each fighting to get the upper hand, generally trying to discomfit each other... you get the picture. I know this sounds all dark and serious, but it's not necessarily, especially if, again, we're talking pre-canon--I mean, picture two teenage girls, neither of whom has any experience with romance or is very good at talking about her feelings, each trying to be the one who is in control and winning at the relationship (whatever that means). There's room for them both to fail hilariously at this.

Kirigiri Kyouko/Maizono Sayaka: I've already mentioned that what interests me most about Maizono is the difference between the face that she presents to the world and who she really is. Kirigiri, as a detective, is very perceptive (not to mention naturally suspicious), so maybe she's the only one who doesn't take Maizono at face value, and maybe that leads to Maizono opening up to her in some way? Pre-canon fic definitely seems like the easiest way to go here (though if you can make something else work or want to do an AU, that's fine too), and as with Celes, it would be fun to see Maizono forcibly dragging Kirigiri out of her shell. (Also, I just want to mention that their ship name in the Japanese fandom is apparently Double Heroine. Isn't that cute?)

Koizumi Mahiru/Satou: This is the only thing I came out of SDR2 shipping, and the lack of fic was frustrating, if not exactly surprising, considering that Satou doesn't even actually appear in the game. But the kind of intense, fucked-up loyalty that would lead one person to commit murder for another and the other to help her cover it up is catnip to me. And then DR3 started airing, and I was like, we will get to actually see the events of Twilight Syndrome! Maybe Satou's character will be expanded upon and there will be more fic! Maybe she'll even get a first name! And I was disappointed on all counts, obviously. So I would love to see any exploration of their relationship, in junior high or at Hope's Peak--some glimpse of how they met, how they became friends, how or why Satou became so devoted to Mahiru and vice versa, how it affected their relationship when one got into Hope's Peak proper and the other was in the reserve course... anything, really. Or if you wanted to do an AU where Satou doesn't die and plop her into the events of SDR2, that would be cool too! Or something else entirely. Seriously, anything.

Emma - Jane Austen

I don't really want a lot of angst over not being able to be together because it's the 1800s or whatever. Anyway, Emma is fortunate enough to be in a position where, I think, she could get by as an eccentric spinster living with a "companion" and she's not under a whole lot of pressure to marry, so.

I'm also not terribly into infidelity, so basically all of this is going to require a slightly AU version of the book with less marriage in it. Though if you want to have marriages for bearding purposes or similar, with all parties fully aware of the nature of the arrangement, that's fine with me.

This is also the exception to my "AUs are fine as long as they're adding interesting elements instead of taking them away" rule. If you want to do some kind of "Regency era but with magic" thing, that's cool, but I absolutely don't want a modern (or future) setting for Austen fic, regardless of what other genre elements are present.

Emma Woodhouse/Harriet Smith: I don't know, the way Emma thinks a lot about how pretty Harriet is (I mean, honestly, when they first meet Emma is described as "so busy in admiring those soft blue eyes [...] that the evening flew away at a very unusual rate," that's pretty gay) and sort of monopolizes her has just always read to me like she's a little in love with Harriet and doesn't realize it. She needs to get over seeing Harriet as a project before they can really get anywhere, obviously, but Emma definitely makes progress on that over the course of the book, and I think they could be pretty sweet together once that happens.

Emma Woodhouse/Jane Fairfax: Jane is in some ways a lot more similar to Emma than Harriet is, but their relationship was also more antagonistic to start with (and that's basically entirely Emma's fault, whoops). But I enjoy when two people who don't get along at first for whatever reason eventually find they have more in common than they thought and then romance develops out of that, so that would be interesting to see here, whether taking their reconciliation towards the end of the book as a starting point or branching off earlier. (Although if Jane is not secretly still in love with Frank, then that changes things already, so there's that.)

Emma Woodhouse/Original Female Character: I don't have a terribly specific idea of who this OC should be, but I think it might be interesting to see how Emma relates to someone she meets after the events of the book, when she's had a bit of character development and become a bit more sensitive to others' feelings and less likely to try to manage their lives for them. (Though I think the more she likes someone, the more she wants to manage their life, so even post-canon she might struggle not to do it for someone she was in love with.) I also think it's potentially interesting to look at aspects of Emma's behavior/feelings in the book (like her lack of interest in getting married, and her brief thing for Frank Churchill that seems to be more being in love with the idea of being in love with him than anything else) from the perspective of her being a lesbian, and then a woman she's attracted to shows up and Things Click Into Place, although it's also cool with me if you write her as bi. Basically, I just want Emma Woodhouse to kiss a woman and in this, the year 2017 AD, the internet still hasn't really delivered on that, thus this request.

(... I feel like this is coming off like I don't like Emma very much. This is not true; in fact I love her, which is why she's in all the ships I'm requesting. But she's definitely a flawed and difficult person--which is part of what makes her so interesting.)

Long Live the Queen

Brin/Elodie: Brin/Elodie gets fairly little screen time even if you go that route, so it's hard to talk about the relationship as a whole, but Brin is such an interesting character--kind of sharp-edged and brittle and angry and very bitter about her past failed relationships, but in a way that suggests that she feels things very deeply and gets very attached to people even though she keeps getting burned. (I can see her needing a certain amount of reassurance that Elodie really does care and isn't going to ditch her for a guy, or another woman, anytime soon, though I don't think she'd outright ask for it.) I also think it's kind of an interesting dynamic that Brin is significantly older and more experienced, but Elodie might well (depending on how she's played, I mean) be the more level-headed and responsible one of the two. I would love either post-canon fic or missing-scene type stuff showing more of the development of their relationship, though I do ask that you not base your fic on the ending where Elodie marries Banion and Brin marries Elodie's dad, because that just got too quasi-incestuous for me.

Briony/Elodie: I was under the impression for a while that Brin was the f/f romance option, so I was pleasantly surprised when I finally did Elodie and Briony's ill-fated forest adventure and it turned out to lead to romance. Nothing like rescuing a girl from death by tentacle monster to win her love, I guess! Seriously, though, they were completely adorable and I loved the stuff in the epilogue about their incredibly unsubtle courtship with the moonlight serenades and all. It would be really great to see some of that in more detail! I think they have less room for fic set during canon than Brin/Elodie, since we know that Elodie doesn't even really consider Briony a friend until after the party, but if you can fit something in there—or want to write pre-canon fic about them being at school together, even, with Briony pining or as an AU where they do become closer during that time—that's cool too.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Bernkastel/Lambdadelta: These two are absolutely awful and I love them, although I will say that I don't have a very strong stomach for guro and that kind of thing, so I'd rather not actually see them doing any of the gruesome things they flirt by threatening each other with. Further threat-flirting, however, is welcome. It'd be cool to see more of their backstory, or get a glimpse of them going up against each other in a different game, although more sniping at each other behind the scenes of Umineko is also great. You may be noticing a theme here: I'm pathetically desperate for fics for rare ships not picky.

Mammon/Ushiromiya Ange: I really loved their interactions in chapter 4, with Mammon as Ange's first friend, and even though she's this non-human being driven by greed, she gets so angry on Ange's behalf when Ange is mistreated, and she really does seem to care, in her own way. I can imagine Ange's feelings for her shading into romance (especially since Ange is so lonely), although of course any kind of relationship would be complicated by Mammon's status as furniture and the fact that she's.... a non-human being driven by greed. I'd be interested in both fic set when Ange is at boarding school and fic set during the game's "present day" after Ange becomes able to summon the Stakes again.
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